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  • For businesses who have various technology and computer needs, Tech2Hire offers hourly consulting on a variety of levels.  Listed below is a sampling of areas and projects we offer that can improve or grow a business.  As many firms have Unique Systems, Platforms, Budgets and Goals we can discuss your needs and determine what type of tailored solutions we can supply.

  • Some of the services we offer:
    • Technical Business Consulting – Where we assess your use of technology, goals and how you can make improvements and leverage technology more effectively.  If you have existing systems and knowledgeable staff in place, or, if you’re trying to make the step towards applying technology, we can analyze and assess your current processes & systems and recommend improvements and solutions.
    • Network Security & Internet Access – For those who have a local area and want to ensure security both internally and from the outside world, by connecting it to the Internet, we provide Network &  PC security solutions covering the topology, Proxy servers, Anti-Virus SW and Firewall.  We can set your network up so that each PC can safely surf the net with a single Internet Service Provider (ISP) connection, share or protect files between PCs and protect  your LAN and it’s PCs from viruses.
    • PC Virus Cleanup & Mitigation – For those who have an infected PC or LAN we can provide ‘cleaning’ services where we will run various anti-virus software programs as well as various programs to identify non-virus, but invasive, ad-ware, spy-ware and data-mining programs.  After producing a report we will remove them as well as install or recommend software that will prevent this from happening again.
    • Local Area Network (LAN) Installation – Home, Small Office, Corporate – We have people who can install physical CAT-5 cables, routers, hubs, servers and terminal jacks as well as configure PCs and Servers on the network.
    • CMM Process Improvement – CMM stands for Capability Maturity Model and is a standard, like ISO9000, that allows you to systematically assess your businesses’ practices and actively make steps towards it’s improvements.  There are five levels and a very specific certification process for those who wish to employ this model, however, the concepts and process documentation produced towards improvement is more critical and useful in practice.
    • Systems Programming – C, C++, Visual Basic, SQL/Database, HTML, Java, ASP… – We can create business applications, applets, stored-procedures or system interfaces on a variety of platforms using a variety of programming & development tools.
    • Website Search Engine Evaluation & Tuning – People and businesses with similar services and websites may place differently in the same search engine or have a much higher ‘web-presence’ than the other.  This is tied directly to how you define your site, how you use keywords and how you submit online.  We can help improve your site by reviewing a variety of factors and recommend or make changes as well provide site-submission services to hundreds of search engines.
    • Database Design/Normalization/Performance & Tuning – For offices using various database systems, such as Sybase or Oracle, the design and configuration of your database, or, system dependent on that data, can mean the difference in how fast you get your results.  We can analyze and assess your design and architecture to ensure they are running optimally or what can be done if you are finding things are running so slow that you’re losing productivity because of your system.
    • Straight-Through-Processing (STP) Solutions involves tying in various systems so that the minimal amount of human-intervention is required.  This can include inventory control systems
    • Portfolio Systems & Financial Sector Programming and Consulting – For those who work within the Financial, Banking or Fund & Money Management sectors, we have individuals who have years of experience dealing with various Trade and Portfolio Management, Clearing, Custody, Accounting and Back-Office systems

    *Resumés Are Available on Request

  • Current Pricing & Rates
    • Costs vary based on the specific business need & technical requirements of the project. 
    • Project & Package Price Estimates & Retainer Agreements available.
    • Additional fees for Travel/Distance maybe applicable.

Home - NEWs/Tips&Tricks - Website Design & Hosting - Digital Photography - Consulting

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